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Slack Legacy Integration


This integration is deprecated and will not function after November 22nd, 2017. Please use SlackApp integration instead of this integration. You can learn more about SlackApp integration here.

Slack is a very popular team communication platform. OpsGenie is an alert and notification management solution that is highly complementary to Slack.

What does OpsGenie have to offer for Slack users?

OpsGenie has a native two-way integration with Slack. It's easy to configure and powerful: notifications of OpsGenie's robust alerts go right into your Slack channel. In turn, users can acknowledge, close or assign these alerts from the channel, as easily as entering a command like /genie ack 12.

Add a Slack integration in OpsGenie, and in seconds you will have combined Slack's easy-to-use team collaboration platform with OpsGenie's rich alert notification system and on-call rotation. You can execute actions on the alert just by typing a /genie command, into the chat.

Actually, there's more to what you can do on OpsGenie just by entering simple commands to Slack channel. Using genie command, you can also mute OpsGenie notifications, get alert details, view schedule on-call, etc. OpsGenie's native Slack integration is, really that powerful.

Configuring Slack integration

  1. Please create an OpsGenie account if you haven't done already.
  2. In Slack; go to Integrations page, click on "Add New Integration" and select OpsGenie to Add.
  3. Follow the instructions in Slack and save integrations on both Slack and OpsGenie.

All set! Now when an OpsGenie alert is created, acknowledged etc. the notification will be automatically forwarded to your Slack channels as messages.

Using /genie Command

OpsGenie matches users with Slack as well

OpsGenie can match the Slack user who has executed a command from Slack, with the user registered in OpsGenie. OpsGenie does this by matching the user e-mail addresses. So if your users use the same e-mail addresses in Slack and OpsGenie, then the commands they execute from Slack will be attributed to their OpsGenie accounts as well. For example, a user can send a close alert command from Slack and the same user will be automatically recognized in OpsGenie as the closer of the alert.

If the setting Require Matching a User is enabled, the e-mail address of the command executor within Slack should match the login e-mail address of a user within your OpsGenie organization. Otherwise, the commands will be discarded.

You can easily execute actions on OpsGenie alerts, just by entering a command with the tinyId of the alert into your Slack channel. Note that you can execute a single command on multiple alerts.

Acknowledge Alert :
/genie ack [tinyID tinyID2..]

Close Alert :
/genie close [tinyID tinyID2..]

Add Note to Alert :
/genie note [note] to [tinyID tinyID2..]

Add Tag to Alert :
/genie addtag [tag1,tag2,..] to [tinyID tinyID2..]

Acknowledge All Open Alerts :
/genie ackall

Close All Open Alerts :
/genie closeall

Assign Alert :
/genie assign [tinyID tinyID2..] to [user]

Take Ownership of Alert :
/genie own [tinyID tinyID2..]

Execute Action :
/genie exec [action] on [tinyID tinyID2..]

Create Alert :
/genie alert [alert message] for [user team]

Get Alert :
/genie get [tinyID]

List Alerts :
Lists all open alerts.
/genie list

List Integrations :
/genie list integrations

List Policies :
/genie list policies

Enable Integration/Policy :
/genie enable [name]

Disable Integration/Policy :
/genie disable [name]

Take On-call :
Takes on-call for the specified amount of time for the team or schedule. Default amount of time is 1h. If no schedule/team is specified, the user will take on-call for his team's schedule, or a single schedule he's participant in.
/genie oncall [me/user] [h/m/d] for [team/schedule/all]

Sample uses are:
/genie oncall me 2h for weekend_schedule
/genie oncall 1d for ops_team
/genie oncall me 2h for all
/genie oncall me 45m
/genie oncall me

Who is oncall :
Retrieves oncall user information from all schedules, restricted roles with Show All disabled will only see schedules of his own.
/genie whoisoncall

Mute :
Mutes notifications for the user. Mutes for 5 minutes if not given.
/genie mute [me/username] [minutes(optional)]

Unmute :
Clears mute setting.
/genie unmute [me/username]

Help :
/genie help

You can list all available commands by entering /genie help into the channel.

Slack Legacy Integration