Opsgenie Python SDK Configurations

ConfigurationDefault ValueDefinition
api_keyEmptyDict to store API key(s)
api_key_prefixEmptyDict to store API prefix (e.g. Bearer)
api_key_prefix['Authorization']GenieKeyDefault dict for API prefix
usernameEmptyUsername for HTTP basic authentication
passwordEmptyPassword for HTTP basic authentication
loggerEmptyDict to store logging settings
logger["package_logger"]logging.getLogger("opsgenie_sdk")Default value in logger settings dict
logger["urllib3_logger"]logging.getLogger("urllib3")Default value in logger settings dict
logger_format%(asctime)s %(levelname)s %(message)sLog format
logger_stream_handlerEmptyLog stream handler
logger_file_handlerEmptyLog file handler
logger_fileEmptyDebug file location
debugEmptyDebug switch
retry_count5Number of retries allowed
retry_delay0Delay time between attempts
retry_max_delayEmptyMaximum amount of delay
back_off1Multiplier applied to delay between attempts
retry_http_response['5xx', '429']Http status codes on which to perform retry
retry_enabledTrueRetry switch
verify_sslTrueSwitch to verifying SSL certificate when calling API from HTTPs server
ssl_ca_certEmptyCustomize the certificate file to verify the peer.
cert_fileEmptyClient certificate file
key_fileEmptyClient key file
assert_hostnameEmptySwitch to enable SSL hostname verification
connection_pool_maxsizemultiprocessing.cpu_count() * 5urllib3 connection pool's maximum number of connections saved per pool. urllib3 uses 1 connection as default value, but this is not the best value when you are making a lot of possibly parallel requests to the same host, which is often the case here. cpu_count * 5 is used as default value to increase performance.
proxyEmptyProxy URL
proxy_headersEmptyProxy headers
safe_chars_for_path_paramEmptySafe chars for path_param
retriesEmptyAdding retries to override urllib3 default value 3
metrics_transaction_idEmptyMetric transaction ids.
hosthttps://api.opsgenie.comBase url to connect to Opsgenie services
temp_folder_pathEmptyTemp file folder for downloading files