Mass Notification

Mass Notification provides you the ability to send notifications to people who are not OpsGenie users. You can communicate urgent messages and/or incidents instantaneously with the set of people you want. This way, everyone in an organization could be informed before, during, and after an event.


Adding Users Manually

Under the Mass People tab , click on Add Person button, and fill out the form given to save information about a new Mass user. At least a full name and identified should be provided to save this user.

Adding Users via Syncing OpsGenie Users

Click on SYNC OpsGenie User(s) button to import OpsGenie users into Mass People list. You can edit them to add additional information like address, custom properties and tags but some fields such as full name, email, phone number cannot be edited since they are imported.

These imported users are marked with an orange tag to indicate that they are also OpsGenie users.

OpsGenie users can receive notifications as push notifications via mobile application as well while non-OpsGenie users can only receive notifications via email, SMS and phone calls.

Adding Group of Users Automatically

You can contact us to upload the users from a file automatically.

Mass Events

Creating Mass Events Manually

Mass notification events can be created manually by clicking Add Event button under Events tab.

  • Configure an event message and a description.
  • Configure how you want this notification to be received via Notification Flow part.
  • You can either choose target people by selecting from existing users individually or by filtering them according to a rule.
  • You can review target users, their countries and timezones. After that click Create Event to start the mass event.

Creating Events via Mass Notification Policies

You can create a mass notification event automatically from an OpsGenie alert based on the criteria that triggers a specific mass notification event. You can define the criteria by configuring policies and alert match conditions.

Policies can be created manually by clicking Add Policy button under Policy tab.

  • Set a policy name and a description.
  • Configure conditions and time restrictions for the policy.
  • Configure alert content-based conditions and time restrictions.
  • Configure event message and event description fields.
  • Configure notification rule flow.
  • Select target people who are to receive the notification. You should select from the already defined user templates.

Mass Events

With this feature, you can create target user templates to be used later while creating new Mass Notification events.

  • Go to Target People tab and click on Add Target People button.
  • Configure a template name for this target group.
  • You can filter users by a rule or individually add them to the template group.