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Execute Command Tool

OpsGenie Alerts page has a very useful command tool that you can do many actions easily. List of actions you can execute are explained below. To toggle it, just click on the "Command Tool" box on the bottom-right of the page, or type Ctrl+Space.

Available Command Tool actions:

Acknowledge Alert:

ack [tinyID tinyID2..]

sample: ack 12 13

Close Alert:

close [tinyID tinyID2..]

sample: close 22

Add Note to Alert

note [note] to [tinyID tinyID2..]

sample: note test comment to 12

Acknowledge All Open Alerts:


Close All Open Alerts:


Assign Alert:

assign [tinyID tinyID2..] to [user]

sample: assign 12 13 to

Take Ownership of Alert:

own [tinyID tinyID2..]

sample: own 12 13

Execute Action:

exec [action] on [tinyID tinyID2..]

sample: exec restart on 10 11

Create Alert:

alert [alert message] for [user team]

sample: alert test message for team1 team2

Take On-call:

Takes on-call for the specified amount of time for the team or schedule. Default amount of time is 1h. If no schedule/team is specified, the user will take on-call for his team's schedule, or a single schedule he's participant in.

oncall [me/user] [h/m/d] for [team/schedule/all]

Sample uses are:

oncall me 2h for weekend_schedule
oncall 1d for ops_team
oncall me 2h for all
oncall me 45m
oncall me

View On-call Participants:

Retrieves oncall user information from all schedules, restricted roles with Show All disabled will only see schedules of his own.


Add Recipient:

addrec [user] to [tinyID tinyID2..]

sample: addrec to 10 11

Add Team:

addteam [team] to [tinyID tinyID2..]

sample: addteam ops_team to 10 11

Enable/Disable Policy/Integration:

enable/disable [name]

Sample uses:

enable Auto_close_policy
disable nagios_integration

Get Alert:

get [tinyID]

sample: get 12

List Alerts/Integrations/Policies:

list alerts/integrations/policies

Sample uses:

list alerts
list integrations
list policies


mute/unmute [minutes (optional for mute)]

Sample uses:

mute 15

You can list all available commands by submitting:


Execute Command Tool