Manage your profile to fine-tune our user preferences and rules.


Step 1: Set up Your Profile

What can I do under the Notifications tab?

Access your profile by selecting My Profile from the side main menu. Here, the notification tab will allow you to add your preferred method of notification (email, SMS, voice call, mobile app), add rules, mute notifications, enable quiet hours, and designate options to stay up to date with your company’s news and announcements (email preferences).

Can I customize notification rules?

Yes, under the notifications tab you can set up “Notification Rules” which is the most important setting for you as a user. In OpsGenie, users have full control over how they get notified for each alert. This page empowers you to differentiate between alerts based on content, action, or event time. Rules follow a top-down flow- the first matched rule will create the alert, and OpsGenie will stop matching it to the rules below that.

A simple example would be the following: Say you would like to be notified differently for alerts that, contain “critical” in the message. In this case, you would set up a “New Alert” notification rule, on the top of the list, filtering for that condition, and giving custom ways and orders to notify yourself, if that happens. If the alert does not contain “critical” in the message, OpsGenie would jump to your second “New Alert” rule, which has a “match all” condition, and you would get notified based on the steps captured in that rule.


How do I specify my contact methods?

OpsGenie can send notifications by email, SMS, phone calls, and push notifications where a user can view the notification. Users can also edit these contact methods under the notification tab.

  • Users can enable/ disable contact methods at anytime
  • If users have used any mobile apps, they can view the app info

How do I add a rule?

As a user, you can configure when and how you want to receive notifications,to do this, you need to create a rule for each of your contact methods by specifying when to receive it. You can delay receiving notifications up to 1 day, you may have multiple rules, and you can also enable/ disable rules anytime.

OpsGenie will try each method, one by one, in the order you specify until you respond to the alert.


How do I set up notification rules?

  • Click on the “+” on the left
  • Then, add in the name of the alert and action (Please note: you may restrict to a specific time range)
  • The under the “if” category select between either: “Match All Alerts,” Match One or More conditions below,” or “Match all conditions below.”
  • The complete the action necessary to complete the rule
  • Once you’ve completed the “If” category, select one or more notification methods such as email, SMS, mobile, and/or voice.

Try it out for the following notification categories:

  • New alert
  • Schedule Start
  • Schedule End
  • Incoming Call Routing
  • Acknowledge alert
  • Closed alert
  • Schedule
  • Re-notified alert
  • Assigned alert
  • Add note

Central Notification Templates provide the ability to define shared notification settings that are managed from a single place and can be assigned to user roles. While sending an alert or schedule notification to a user, OpsGenie will obey the defined notification rules within the central notification template if there is an enabled one and is applied to the role of the user who is being notified.

How do I mute notifications?

Users can mute notifications for a specified amount of time.


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