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Incident Response Orchestration Overview

OpsGenie’s Incident Response Orchestration: What’s New?

This document gives you an overview and tour of our new and enhanced Incident Response Orchestration features.


Incidents happen no matter how well we try to avoid them. Minimizing the downtime of IT infrastructures and web sites can be critical to the survival of organizations, because Time is our greatest enemy during the course of an Incident. Welcome to OpsGenie’s newest effort to help organizations quickly and effectively identify problems, notify the right people, facilitate communications across business units, and collaborate to resolve problems. The new platform helps prevent Incidents from becoming the kinds of disasters that fill the news and social media.

This document talks about Responders. The name Responders is used to refer to any user with a Responder Role that has at least User-level role and permissions. Admins and Owners are also included within Responders for the purpose of this document.

What’s new for Incident Response:

Features and Functions

  • Services
  • Incidents
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • User Roles

Menu Items

  • Service List
  • Conference Bridge

Incident Response Orchestration Overview