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Opsgenie is a modern incident management platform for operating always-on services, empowering Dev and Ops teams to plan for service disruptions and stay in control during incidents.

With over 200 deep integrations and a highly flexible rules engine, Opsgenie centralizes alerts, notifies the right people reliably, and enables them to collaborate and take rapid action. Throughout the entire incident lifecycle, Opsgenie tracks all activity and provides actionable insights to improve productivity and drive continuous operational efficiencies.

Over 3000 forward-thinking companies, including Overstock, Looker, Zendesk, Dynatrace, and EBSCO trust Opsgenie to ensure uptime and customer satisfaction.


You can always upgrade your plan to add new features and functionality during your trial. Please contact your account owner for upgrading your plan.

You can access the Quick Start Guide anytime from the left menu via the icon to get assistance on setup and available next steps.

Depending on your plan, you will notice different items available in the side menu.

Once the Quick Start Guide has been completed for the Essentials Plan, Opsgenie helps you pick desired features to match you to the suitable plan.

For more information on the different plans, their pricing, and what features are included, visit the Pricing Page.


For the newest announcements on product updates, please check out the Announcements tab in our Web UI.


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