Statusy Integration

Statusy is the modern status page. Use Statusy to notify customers and those who depend on services when things are changing, not working as expected, or undergoing maintenance.

What does Opsgenie offer Statusy users?

Use Opsgenie's Statusy integration to forward Opsgenie alert activity to Statusy. Users find out about alerts getting created, acknowledged, assigned, and closed without leaving Statusy.

Functionality of the integration

When an alert action is occurred such as create, close, acknowledge or add a note in Opsgenie, the information that is related to Statusy is posted to Statusy as a payload. Therefore, Opsgenie alerts can be seen in Statusy.

Add Opsgenie Integration in Statusy

  1. Visit the dashboard for the status page in Statusy, click Settings and then click Integrations from the drop down.
  2. On the integrations page, click Create Integration.
  3. Select the "Integration Type" as Opsgenie and the "Service" as one of the services created previously.
  4. Click Create Integration.
  5. Copy the Endpoint in the "Configuration" section and paste it into the Statusy URL field.

Add Statusy integration in Opsgenie

  1. Please create an Opsgenie account if you haven't done so already.
  2. Go to Opsgenie's Statusy Integration page.
  3. Specify who is notified of Statusy alerts using the Teams field. Auto-complete suggestions are provided as you type.
  4. Paste the Webhook URL copied previously into the Statusy URL field.
  5. Click Save Integration.
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