Service Subscription

Subscribing to a service individually sends stakeholder notifications to the subscribed user whenever there is a new incident in the service or an update is entered to an incident, i.e., any update that is visible in the Service Status Page.

Subscribing a team to a service creates alerts for the subscribed team's members whenever there is a new incident within the service or an update is entered to the incident.

Individual subscription

Users and stakeholders can subscribe themselves to a service via "Watch" button from Services list or service status page.

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Individual subscribers receive an email notification with default or customized stakeholder notification template.


Customized stakeholder notification template is only available for internal services for now.

Team subscription

Account owner, admin or team admin can subscribe their team(s) to a service via "Subscribe to service" button on service status page:

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Team members receive separate alerts in response to the incident created on subscribed service.


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