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Reporting and Analytics Overview


OpsGenie reports provide data visualization and analytics capabilities on how you use OpsGenie, how things are changing over time, and how your teams are performing. These reports are created by utilizing our BI partner, Looker.

There are two different types of reports in OpsGenie:
a- Global Reports
b- Team Reports

a- Global Reports:

Global Reports are the reports that are account-wide and include generic analysis for notifications, API usage, the overall responsiveness on the alerts, i.e., MTTA/R.

b- Team Reports:

Team Reports are the reports that focus on your team activities, performance, and the alerts that they receive. These reports also include some common looks with the Global Reports which focus only on the particular team that is selected.

You can switch between Global and Team reports from the left-hand side menu:

You can view the reports for your account if you have the right to view them. Admins and Owners can view both Global and Team Reports, and Team Admins can only view the Team Reports for their team(s). If a User has the ‘Access to Reports’ right in their custom user role, they would be able to see all of the reports as well.

Team Reports and a part of the Global Reports are only available for the Enterprise plan and up.

Below, you can find the list of available reports:

Global Reports

Team Reports

Looking for Another Report?

Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Success team if you require additional reports to help you with your analysis. Custom dashboards are available for the Enterprise plan and up.

Reporting and Analytics Overview