Notification Reports

Notification Reports contain the following dashboards:
1- Notification Analytics
2- Notification Analytics by User

1- Notification Analytics


This dashboard gives an overview of the different types of notifications sent over a period of time defined by the Notification Time filter. For each day, you can view the different methods that were used to send notifications based on notification rules. This data is shown in a comprehensive overall number, a pie chart showing the distribution of notifications by rule type, comparison of methods in a day-by-day bar graph, and a numerical table with notification method counts.

Filters: Notified User, Method, Notification Time


Number of Notifications Attempts:
Total number of notifications sent globally by company. Shows number of notifications sent, but not necessarily delivered i.e. declined phone calls.

Number of Successful Notifications:
Shows number of notifications delivered successfully.

Daily Sent Notifications by Method:
The daily distribution of notifications by the notification method, i.e, how many of each type of notification were sent on each day.

Incoming Calls by Date:
The count of incoming call otifications for each day and week total.

Notifications by Date:
The count of notifications by method and date, with totals.

2- Notification Analytics by User


This dashboard shows notification analytics by user and methods over a set amount of time defined in the Notification Time filter. Each user notified over the time period is listed with their notification count and the method that notification was sent by.

Filters: Notification Time


User Notifications by Type:
Notification amount per user and type.