Nagios Email

Nagios can send alert notifications via email as long as there is a correctly configured email tool (mailx, sendmail, etc.). Opsgenie email integration supports processing emails sent by Nagios, parsing the relevant information from the emails, and create & close alerts in Opsgenie.


Note that the instructions may need to be adjusted depending on Linux distribution and Nagios configuration.

In Opsgenie :

  1. Create an Email Integration in Opsgenie Integrations if you don't already have one. The Email Integration creates Opsgenie alerts for every email sent to specified email address. Find more information on Opsgenie email integration support here .
  2. Copy the email address of Email Integration to use it in Nagios contact definition.

In Nagios :

  1. Create a Nagios contact using the email address given by Opsgenie in $NAGIOS_HOME/etc/objects/contacts.cfg file.
define contact{
    contact_name        opsgenie
    use                 generic-contact
    alias               OpsGenie
    email               <email_address_provided_by_OpsGenie>
  1. Add the contact "opsgenie" to your Nagios configuration's main contact group.
define contactgroup{
    contactgroup_name   admins
    alias               Nagios Administrators
    members             root,opsgenie
  1. Restart Nagios.

If everything goes well, you will see alerts in Opsgenie for every notification created in Nagios.


If a problem occurs, check your email utility is working correctly. Change the contact email to an accessible mail box to test that Nagios notifications are sent correctly. Please don't hesitate to contact us, if a problem persists.

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