Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams is a group chat software that is naturally integrated with the familiar Microsoft Office applications.


โ€‹What does Opsgenie offer to Microsoft Teams users?

Opsgenie has a powerful integration with Microsoft Teams. Our integration allows Microsoft Teams users to execute actions on Opsgenie alerts within Microsoft Teams such as acknowledge, close, snooze, etc. List your alerts, integrations, policies, and more. Messages are sent to Microsoft Teams channel when an action is executed on Opsgenie alerts.

Functionality of the Integration

  • Executing commands on Opsgenie alerts within Microsoft Teams.
  • Forwarding Opsgenie alert actions to Microsoft Teams channels.

Add an Incoming Webhook Connector in Microsoft Teams

  1. Please create an Opsgenie account if you haven't done so already.
  2. Download Opsgenie's Microsoft Teams application package for US from here, for EU from here.
  3. In Microsoft Teams, click on Teams section from the left menu.
  4. Select the team that you want to connect with Opsgenie, and click on the
    ... button of that team and select Manage team.
  1. Open Bots tab (if Developer preview is active, open Apps tab instead.)
  2. Click on Sideload a bot or tab (if Developer preview is active, click on Upload a custom app instead.)


If you do not see Sideload a bot or tab option, you must enable sideloading option from your Microsoft Office 365 settings. For more information see here.

  1. Select the package you've downloaded and click Open.
  1. Click Teams from the left menu.
  2. Select the channel to forward Opsgenie alert actions to, and click the ... button on that channel and select Connectors.
  3. Add Opsgenie connector.
  4. Click Visit site to install to be redirected to a page for connecting Microsoft Teams.
  1. Click Connect to Office 365 to be directed to Opsgenie Microsoft Teams integration page.
  1. The integration is automatically created. (If not logged into Opsgenie, please log in.) On this page, view the default configurations of the integration. If configuration is not changed, then there's no need to click on Save Integration since it is already saved.

Action Mapping Feature

  • Opsgenie allows customers to choose which alert actions to be forwarded to Microsoft Teams.
  • By default, create, acknowledge, unacknowledge, close, add note and assign ownership actions are forwarded to Microsoft Teams.
  • Add more actions or remove the actions that don't need to be forwarded.
  • Forwarding Create action is mandatory.

Using Opsgenie's Microsoft Teams Bot


Please make sure to verify your Opsgenie account. If your account is not verified you cannot use the Microsoft Teams Bot and the Bot does not respond any of the commands that you send.

  1. Go to the Opsgenie Microsoft Teams integration configuration page. Open the Integrations page and click on the integration that created for Microsoft Teams. Copy the API key on that page.


An alternative for this step is to add the integration from the Team Dashboard of the team which will own the integration. To add an integration directly to a team, navigate to the Team Dashboard and open Integrations tab. Click Add Integration and select the integration that you would like to add.


For Free and Essentials plans, you can only add the integrations from the Team Dashboards, please use the alternative instructions given above to add this integration.

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  1. Type @Genie for US, @GenieEU for EU and see that Microsoft Teams suggests the name of the bot. Select it and then type setup [YOUR_OPSGENIE_API_KEY] and hit enter.
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  1. An "Integration configured successfully." message appears from our bot.
  2. Now start executing commands on Opsgenie alerts in the channel.

To use Genie from Chat

  1. Click on Chat section from the left menu.
  2. Click on New chat button (next to the Search bar).
  3. Paste 18de29f7-8984-43fa-b5e6-05294e1a12bd to the To field.
  4. See that our bot is suggested, and select it.
  1. Type commands to the bot now, e.g. help, list alerts or get tinyId

Chat User Mapping

  1. "Require Matching a User" is used to force matching Microsoft Teams accounts with Opsgenie accounts.
  2. Associate your Microsoft Teams account to your Opsgenie account by using the * @Genie connect for US, @GenieEU connect for EU command.
  3. Chat user mapping flow:
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