Migration Guide to Heartbeat API v2

Beginning from April 2, 2018, Heartbeat API v1 will not be accessible and this document is to help you migrate to our new Heartbeat API.


Base URL

New Heartbeat base URL is https://api.opsgenie.com/v2/heartbeats .


apiKey usage

apiKey is now removed from all payloads. In new requests, apiKey can be provided in Authorization header as described in following document : https://docs.opsgenie.com/docs/authentication

Add Heartbeat Request

Get Heartbeat Request

Update Heartbeat Request

Delete Heartbeat Request

Enable/Disable Heartbeat Requests

Send Heartbeat Request (Ping Heartbeat in New Version)

  • Send Heartbeat request in previous version is now called Ping Heartbeat. This change also applied to URL for this request.
  • HTTP methods used in this request now support GET, PUT and PATCH in addition to POST.
  • This request is processed asynchronously, thus, in case of a problem, customer should check the logs manually.
  • “name” field in previous version is now provided as URL path variable, see new Heartbeat API document for example request url and response. (https://docs.opsgenie.com/docs/heartbeat-api#section-ping-heartbeat-request)

List Heartbeats Request

  • List heartbeat request is not supported in Heartbeat API v2.

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