Essentials Plan Restrictions

In Essentials Plans, some of the features are simpler/restricted compared to Standard and Enterprise plans. See the list of restrictions below:

Notification rules

Only one Notification Rule is available to set per type for Essentials Plan. Types are limited to New Alerts, Schedule Start/End, and Other Notifications.
Custom notification rules are not available and you are able to configure one rule per event (such as New Alert, Schedule Start, etc).

Alert Actions and Adding Notes/Attachments

Alert Actions include only Ack, Close, Add Team, Add Recipient, and Delete for Essentials Plan. No custom actions are available under this plan.
Adding notes and attachments to alerts is not available.

Routing and Escalation Rules

Routing can only be based upon priority or tags, and users are allowed ONLY 1 if/then rule for Essentials Plan.
Under the Essentials Plan, Escalation options do not include:
Notify Group
Notify next user in schedule
Notify previous user in schedule
Notify random member of team
Repeat option

Team Dashboard

The tabs under the Team dashboard are limited to Main, Integrations, Members, and Activity Stream.


You can only add the integrations from the Team Dashboards for Essentials plan.
ITSM, Ticketing tool integrations, and outgoing integrations (or the outgoing feature of other available integrations excluding chat tools) are not available.


Reporting includes Notifications and API Usage Reports. Advanced Reporting is only available for Standard Plan and Enterprise Plan.

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