Deprecated Heartbeats+ Subscription

Prior to October 14, 2016, Heartbeat Monitoring was limited to include at most 5 enabled heartbeats and the check frequencies of each heartbeat were limited to at most once per 10 minutes. Heartbeats+ is a feature with additional monthly fee that is available to accounts that subscribed to a paid plan prior to October 14, 2016 that supports any number of enabled heartbeats and check intervals less than 10 minutes.

Beginning from October 14, 2016; Heartbeat Monitoring supports unlimited enabled heartbeats and all heartbeats can have a check frequency up to once per minute without any additional monthly fee, and Heartbeat Monitoring with this scope is available to Standard and Enterprise plans only.

Customers that subscribed to paid plan before October 14, 2016 can upgrade to Standard or Enterprise plans with latest scopes to use Heartbeat Monitoring to have same limitations with Heartbeats+ without any additional monthly fee.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via support chat for any questions regarding this improvement.