Default API Integration

API Integrations are used to access Opsgenie services, allowing you to integrate alerts, configure users, schedules, and teams on your Opsgenie account from external applications.

A Default API integration is provided in your account. This integration can be used for configuring users as well as alerts, however, we recommend adding a separate API Integration for each of your monitoring systems.

Purpose of Default API integration is to have control over default features like alerts created via Forwarding & Web UI.


  • Have all the features of API Integration.
  • Alerts created via Web Application are processed by Default API, can be changed on "advanced" section, alerts can be modified or ignored.
  • User actions acknowledge, close, and add note are processed by Default API, actions can be modified.
  • Forwarding and other internal alerts are processed by Default API, alerts can be modified or ignored.
  • Configuration objects can be read & write by using Default API.

Tags for Built-in Alerts


  • Default API integration name can not be changed.
  • Default API integration can not be disabled & deleted.

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