BMC Remedy OnDemand Integration

BMC Remedy OnDemand is a digital service management platform built for boosting workforce productivity.


What does Opsgenie offer BMC Remedy users?

Opsgenie provides an outgoing integration with BMC Remedy OnDemand. When a new alert is created in Opsgenie, a corresponding OnDemand incident is automatically created, containing detailed information about the alert. Opsgenie provides rich notifications with on-call rotations, scheduling features, and alert escalations to ensure the best incident management for BMC Remedy OnDemand customers.

Functionality of the integration

  • When an incident is created in BMC Remedy, it creates an alert in Opsgenie.
  • When an incident is closed in BMC Remedy, the related alert is closed in Opsgenie automatically.
    If any resolution is given while closing the incident in BMC Remedy, the resolution is added as a note to the Opsgenie alert.
  • If Send Alert Updates Back to BMC Remedy is enabled, actions for BMC Remedy are executed in BMC Remedy when the chosen action is executed in Opsgenie for alerts which are created by the BMC Remedy.
  • If Create BMC Remedy Incidents/Problems for Opsgenie Alerts is enabled, actions for BMC Remedy will be executed in BMC Remedy when the chosen action is executed in Opsgenie for alerts which have a source other than the BMC Remedy integration.

Add BMC Remedy Integration in Opsgenie

  • Please create an Opsgenie account if you haven't done so already.
  • Go to Opsgenie's BMC Remedy Integration page.
  • Specify who is notified of BMC Remedy alerts using the Teams field. Autocomplete suggestions are provided as you type.
  • Copy the API Key. Use this during BMC Remedy configuration.
  • Click Save Integration.


The Opsgenie integration uses HPD:IncidentInterface_Create form in OnDemand for incident operations.

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