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Your On-call Schedules

Users can view & export schedules assigned to them by using "Your on call Schedule" button on My Profile Page.

OpsGenie allows schedules to be exported in iCalendar format which is supported by Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and others. It includes the next 3 months of the schedule.

To export a schedules assigned to him on Your on-call schedule page :

How to export on-call schedules?

  1. Locate the schedule you wish to export and click on the calendar icon
  1. Copy the URL that is provided once you click on the calendar icon, go back to your Gmail calendar and then go to "other calendars" and click on the drop down menu and select "add url". Paste the URL in there and hit enter. It should load the schedule.

Similar steps can be taken to add the URL to outlook, iCal and other calendars. Just make sure you can add an external calendar via a URL and you are all set.

Your On-call Schedules