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Twilio Integration

Twilio is a cloud communications service that provides APIs for Voice, VoIP, SMS and MMS. OpsGenie is an alert and notification management solution that is highly complementary to Twilio's own app monitoring.

What does OpsGenie have to offer for Twilio users?

Twilio sends webhooks when its app monitor triggers are fired. OpsGenie offers a Twilio integration that can take triggered notifications and turn them into meaningful and robust OpsGenie alerts. By forwarding these webhooks to OpsGenie, you can notify users via iPhone and Android push notifications, email, SMS, and phone calls, track of the alert life cycle, escalate alerts, etc.

Add Twilio integration to OpsGenie

  1. Please create an OpsGenie account if you haven't already.
  2. Go to OpsGenie Twilio Integration page
  3. Specify who should be notified for the Twilio alerts using the "Recipients" field. User(s), group(s), escalations policies and on-call schedules can be specified as the alert recipients. Auto-complete suggestions will be provided as you type.
  4. Copy the integration URL by clicking on the copy button or selecting. URL includes OpsGenie endpoint as well as the API key.
  5. Click on "Save Integration"
  1. In Twilio, go to Dev Tools/App Monitor Targets
  2. Click "Create New Trigger".
  3. Populate "Url" field with the integration URL you copied when saving the integration
  1. Click "Save".
  2. Alert properties can be configured from Twilio Integration / Advanced Settings page.
  3. You can now manage your Twilio API notifications at OpsGenie and leverage its full alerting functionality.

Twilio Integration