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Track-It! Integration

Track-It! is a centralized help desk and customer ticketing management system that enables you to control and seamlessly manage the flow of sales and support emails your customers and prospects are sending your business. OpsGenie is an alert and notification management solution that is highly complementary to Track-It!.

Download OpsGenie Track-It! Plugin

For Windows

  1. Download OpsGenie Track-It! (zip)
  2. Unzip opsgenie integration zip file which contains Marid package into a directory (C:\opsgenie-integration is the preferred path.)
  3. To install Marid as a service:
    • Open a command window
    • Go to marid's home directory.
    • For 32 bit systems, run marid.exe -install
    • For 64 bit systems, run marid_64.exe -install
      Name of the service will be assigned to "OpsGenie Marid".

Add Track-It integration in OpsGenie

  • Please create an OpsGenie account if you haven't already.
  • To add Track-It integration in OpsGenie, go to OpsGenie Track-It! Integration page.
  • Click on "Save Integration" button to save the integration. An "API Key" is generated for the integration. This key will be used by Marid to authenticate with OpsGenie.

Configure OpsGenie to Track-It! Integration

The plugin uses Marid Integration utility (included in the plugin) in order to send alerts and alert actions to your Track-It! account. For example, when an alert is created in OpsGenie, a workflow is created in Track-It!. Also when users acknowledge, unacknowledge etc. an alert in OpsGenie , this info will be added as a note to the related workflow in Track-It!, and when users add note to alerts in OpsGenie, add note info will be sent as well. When the alert is closed in OpsGenie, the related workflow will be closed in Track-It!. Marid subscribes to alert actions in OpsGenie and reflects these actions on your Track-It! flow so that you will be notified for OpsGenie alerts.

Marid is a Java application; therefore requires the Java Runtime version 1.6+ Both the Open JDK and Oracle JVMs can be used.

In order to use this feature "Send Alert Actions To Track-It!" checkbox should be enabled in OpsGenie Track-It! Integration.

Ensure that JAVA_HOME environment variable is set. If it is not, you may set it by removing the comment at the beginning of the following line in /etc/opsgenie/profile file and set JAVA_HOME to your JRE installation directory.
#JAVA_HOME=<path/to/JDK or JRE/install>

To be able to send alert actions to Track-It! flow, Marid gets the configuration parameters from opsgenie-integration.conf file. Thus, configuration file must be filled correctly according to your Track-It! configuration.

Marid application configuration file is located in:

For Windows: <MARID_HOME>/../conf/opsgenie-integration.conf
For Linux: /etc/opsgenie/conf/opsgenie-integration.conf

Configuration Parameters


Track-It! integration API Key. Copy the API Key from Track-It! Integration page and paste it to apiKey field in conf file.


Service name for the Track-It! server you are using. This url will be used to create a connection with your Track-It! Web server.


Username that you are using during login to your Track-It! Web server.


Password that you are using during login to your Track-It! Web server.

Start/Stop Marid

On Windows

  • For 32 bit : marid.exe -start / marid.exe -stop
  • For 64 bit : marid_64.exe -start / marid_64.exe -stop
  • Or For 32-bit & 64-bit : Start /Stop the service from Windows service control panel

For more information about Marid, you can refer to the Marid Integration support document.

Track-It! Integration