Opsgenie Edge Connector (OEC) Action Channel

Opsgenie actions provides a flexible way to run custom scripts with Opsgenie Edge Connector (OEC) by taking parameters.

Channel Configuration

  1. Go to the Actions tab under the Team dashboard.
  2. Click Add Action Channel.
  3. Enter the name of the action channel and select Opsgenie Edge Connector (OEC) as the type.
  4. Click Create.
  5. Copy the API key provided in the next screen to use in your OEC configuration.
  6. Install OEC and configure it using the API key you've copied in step 5.


OEC action channel is compatible with versions of OEC which are 1.0.2. or above.


Please note that you should not add a separate OEC integration from Integrations page, you should just install OEC in your environment and use the API key provided in the action channel.

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Opsgenie Edge Connector (OEC) Action Channel

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