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OpsDash Integration

OpsDash is a next-gen solution for server monitoring, database monitoring, service monitoring and app metric monitoring all in one.

What does OpsGenie offer to OpsDash users?

Using OpsGenie OpsDash integration, OpsDash sends its alerts to OpsGenie, with detailed information. OpsGenie acts as a dispatcher for OpsDash alerts, determining the right people to notify based on on-call schedules, using email, text messages (SMS), phone calls and iOS & Android push notifications, and escalating alerts until the alert is acknowledged or closed.

Functionality of the integration

  • When an alert is created on OpsDash, an alert is created in OpsGenie automatically through the integration.

Add OpsDash integration in OpsGenie

  1. Please create an OpsGenie account if you haven't done already.
  2. Go to OpsGenie OpsDash Integration page.
  3. Specify who should be notified for OpsDash alerts using the "Teams" field. Auto-complete suggestions will be provided as you type.
  4. Copy the API Key by clicking on the copy button or selecting.
  5. Click on "Save Integration".

Configuration in OpsDash

  1. Go to the System Settings page in OpsDash.
  2. Click expand next to the OpsGenie Integration.
  3. Paste the API key & click update.

OpsDash Integration