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Munin Integration

Munin is described as networked resource monitoring tool that can help analyze resource trends and "what just happened to kill our performance?" problems. OpsGenie is an alert and notification management solution that is highly complementary to Munin.

What does OpsGenie have to offer for Munin users?

Stay connected when you're mobile

Using OpsGenie, Munin users can receive notifications for critical alerts via SMS, phone calls, and iPhone & Android push notifications, and can respond to the alerts directly from their mobile devices using OpsGenie apps. And since OpsGenie is a cloud based service accessible from anywhere, users don't have to have access to the corporate network (which is often) to be able to work with Munin alerts.

Consolidated alert & notification management

Munin users can leverage OpsGenie to aggregate and manage alerts not only from Munin but also from other sources. OpsGenie enables users to maintain their own notifications information and preferences, eliminating the burden to keep this information current and accurate in multiple disparate tools.

Alert life cycle management

For Munin users, OpsGenie integration provides full alert life cycle management capabilities. Using OpsGenie, users can not only receive notifications for critical problems detected by Munin, but also acknowledge alerts, take or assign ownership of the alerts, comment on them, etc. rapidly no matter when and where they may receive the alerts. OpsGenie keeps track of all alert activity seamlessly: when the alert was created, who was notified when and how, whether and when recipients have seen the alert, acknowledged it, who executed which action, etc. OpsGenie can also automatically close alerts when host/service comes back up.

Alerts that empower

A short text message (SMS) typically used to notify users often fails to convey sufficient information to enable the recipients to assess the problem and determine the right course of action. OpsGenie alerts are not limited to couple hundred characters of text, includes many fields, tags, and attached files. Recipients can not only see the alert message but all the supporting information, charts, etc. and figure out what to do next. You can attach any information that you think as relevant to the alert and make it available to the recipients, either via the API or the web UI.


OpsGenie provides number of easy to use integration methods (email, API, command line tools, programming libraries, etc.) to ensure all monitoring tools can be integrated with OpsGenie easily and Munin has a very flexible action and notification engine capable of forwarding alerts in number of different ways, hence integration is straight forward.

Munin can deliver alerts via email. Using OpsGenie email integration, Munin alerts can be forwarded to OpsGenie to notify users. Munin documentation describes how to configure Munin email alerts. OpsGenie can process these emails, create alerts in OpsGenie and notify users as described here

Are you interested in integrating Munin with OpsGenie? We'd be happy to collaborate. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for assistance at

Munin Integration