Conference Bridge

OpsGenie Conference Bridge provides you the ability to launch a conference bridge from within the OpsGenie application. It allows you to collaborate with key individuals to resolve incidents using your preferred web conferencing provider (i.e. WebEx,GoToMeeting, Skype). With this capability, after an incident arises, it will be easier to organize your team and join the conference bridge as they will have access to the preset conference bridge details instantly within the incident notification and join the call with just one-click.

Note: This feature is currently available for beta testers. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for Conference Bridge, please contact us!

How it works

Setting up a Conference Bridge in OpsGenie is simple and easy. In short you would:

  1. Create a room in OpsGenie containing your conference bridge number and its access code.
  2. Then create a Conference Bridge Policy to match which alerts you would like to have a conference bridge for.

That's it. Now, when an alert matching the Conference Bridge Policy is created, you can join the conference bridge just by clicking a button on the alert page.

Please note that this feature can be used with browsers Chrome and Firefox.

Cool? Now, instructions to setup Conference Bridge in OpsGenie:

  1. Please create an OpsGenie account if you haven't done already.
  2. Go to OpsGenie Conference Bridge page which you can also find in the side navigation menu.
  3. Conference Bridge Page

    • Under Conference Bridge tab, select Add Conference Bridge Room button to create a room for your account.
    • Conference Bridge Room allows you to specify which conference number to join via which access code.
    • Name of the room will be shown on the alert page when a related alert is opened to join the conference bridge.
    • Description field is a brief explanation of the Conference Bridge Room.

    Conference Bridge Room Setup

  4. Then select Add Policy button in the same page to create a Conference Bridge Policy which allows you to specify the alerts that you would like to have a conference bridge for and select which Conference Bridge Room to use for these alerts.

    Conference Bridge Policy Setup

  5. That is it! Now, when you receive an alert matching this policy, you will be able to join the conference bridge on alerts page.

    Join Conference Bridge

  6. You can also see the history of conference bridge sessions in Sessions tab.
    • The table contains the Conference Bridge Sessions for alerts that one or more users have participated in.
    • Each Conference Bridge Session has detailed information about participants along with time and duration information.

    Conference Bridge Sessions