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Loggly Integration

Loggly is a SaaS based log management service, providing you analyzing log data from virtually any application, system or platform to answer your questions based on your search queries. By forwarding Loggly alerts to OpsGenie, you can notify users via iPhone and Android push notifications, email, SMS, and phone calls, track of the alert life cycle, escalate alerts, etc.

​What does OpsGenie offer to Loggly users?

OpsGenie provides a web API for Loggly to create alerts directly in OpsGenie servers. Loggly can be easily integrated to OpsGenie following these simple steps. If you have any question about the integration or request asistance, feel free to contact us at:

Functionality of the integration

When an alert is created in Loggly, an alert is also created in OpsGenie automatically through the integration.

Add Loggly integration in OpsGenie

  1. Please create an OpsGenie account if you haven't done already
  2. Go to OpsGenie Loggly Integration page,
  3. Specify who should be notified for the Loggly alerts using the "Teams" field. Auto-complete suggestions will be provided as you type.
  4. Click on Save Integration Button
  1. An "Api Key" is generated for the integration, copy the integration url provided on integration page.

Configuration on Loggly

  1. From your Loggly account navigate to "Alerts" page and "Add New" alert
  2. Choose one of your desired "Saved Search" method you defined in "Search" section.
  3. In your "Add Alert" page, check "Send to an endpoint" box and click "Add New"
  1. Choose HTTP "Endpoint" and POST "Method". Paste the API Url you copied above into the "URL" field.
  1. Submit Endpoint!
  2. Make sure "Enable this alert" is checked and Submit Alert!
  3. Congratulations! You have integrated Loggly with OpsGenie.

Sample payload sent from Loggly to OpsGenie

  "start_time":"Jul 14 17:32:51",
  "query":"airplaneQuery ",
  "end_time":"Jul 14 17:37:51",
    "        \"airplane\": \"jumbo\",",
    "        \"airplane\": \"tiny\","

Sample alert

Loggly Integration