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iOS - Notifications

Push notifications play an essential role for OpsGenie iOS v2. When you login with a valid OpsGenie account for first time, your mobile phone will be registered automatically to receive push notifications from OpsGenie. You can keep track of recently created alerts, executed actions on them and start/end of schedule periods easily by the help of push notifications. You can always change your settings for push notifications from your Profile->Notification page.

When a notifications comes, the sound you have selected as notification sound will play if your device is not in silent mode.

You have to allow OpsGenie for sending notifications to you when you are asked to be able to receive push notifications. You can always change this setting from Settings->OpsGenie on your device.

You may execute actions on alerts via notifications without any need of opening the application. Because this functionality has come with iOS8, executing actions on OpsGenie notifications is not available on iOS7.

You may swipe left the notification on Notifications Center (while lock screen is active or Notifications Center is opened) to see quick actions (Ack and Close) and tap one of them to execute.

If device is not on lock screen but application is not active (i.e. application is closed or in background), you may swipe down the notification to see quick actions (Ack and Close) and tap one of them to execute.

If OpsGenie application is active (i.e. on foreground), you may swipe left the notification to see quick actions (Ack, Close and Mute) and tap one of them to execute.

Furthermore, you can change notification style of OpsGenie notifications to “Alert” style from Settings->OpsGenie->Notifications on your device. When you select “Alert” style for OpsGenie notifications, notifications will appear as iOS alerts. You can tap “Options” to display available actions for received notification.

Sound Settings

You can display and change your notification sound settings on Notification Settings page, within Sounds segment. This segment will display both your default mobile sound and your notification rules that notifies the current device you're using. If you do not select a sound for a notification rule, your default mobile sound for the current device will play when you receive a notification.

You can display and change the sound to play when a notification comes on Sound Selection page. When you tap on Set Notification Sound button, a picker view which displays the sounds will be displayed.

You will continue receiving push notifications even if you have logged out. However, if you are logged out, the alert actions you have selected on the push notification will be unsuccessful. If you do not want to receive notifications, you should remove your mobile phone from Notification Rules from your Profile->Notification page.

iOS - Notifications