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HipChat Add-On Integration

Atlassian HipChat is a popular team chat service with desktop, mobile & web applications. OpsGenie is an alert and notification management solution that is highly complementary to HipChat.

What does OpsGenie have to offer for HipChat users?

OpsGenie provides a powerful two-way integration with HipChat. Notifications of OpsGenie's robust alerts go right into HipChat rooms, and in turn, users can acknowledge, close or assign these alerts from the chat room, as easily as entering a command like /genie ack 12 or / g ack 12

View the account's open alert count in the HipChat glance which is updated in real-time

Navigate the user's unacked/open/closed alerts lists from the sidebar.

View alert details on sidebar by clicking the HipChat card or from the sidebar. You can execute alert actions like acknowledge, close directly on your HipChat room without typing any command

Add a HipChat integration in OpsGenie, and OpsGenie alert notifications will automatically be forwarded to your HipChat room. You can execute actions on the alert just by typing a /genie or /g command, into the chat.

Install HipChat Add-On

  1. Go to this link -> Add to HipChat
  2. Login to HipChat
  3. Select a room to install and click continue
  1. Click approve to give access to OpsGenie application to send notifications and view the room details
  1. The add-on configuration page will be opened next.
  1. Clicking the link in the add-on configuration page will redirect you to the OpsGenie integrations page where you can configure the integration before creating it. Click the approve button to create the integration.
  1. Integration is ready, no need to do anything on our side!

Chat User Mapping

  1. "Require Matching a User" is used to force matching HipChat accounts with OpsGenie account.
  2. You can associate your HipChat account to your OpsGenie account by using the /genie connect command.
  3. For more information you can refer to Chat User Mapping page

"Use Collapsed Messages" Option

"Use Collapsed Messages" option is used to determine the HipChat message style.

  1. If this option is selected, messages are short but can be expended to see the details.
  1. If this option is NOT selected, messages take more space in the room but more information is available at first glance

Using The HipChat Add-on Sidebar and Glance

  1. After installing the add-on in HipChat you may also configure the OpsGenie part of the integration from the HipChat glance
  1. After you add the integration or if the integration has already been configured you will see the number of open alerts in the owner account of the integration, not the connected user's open alert count.
  1. Clicking on the glance will open a sidebar showing the open alerts. You can also see the Un'Acked or closed alerts by clicking on the tabs.
    If the Require Matching User option in the HipChat integration is set to false (by default it is false), a HipChat user that has not been connected to an OpsGenie user will be able to see all the alert that the owner of the account can see and can also execute commands on any alert.
    The HipChat user can choose to authenticate as an OpsGenie users by clicking Connect with OpsGenie, which will prompt the user to login to OpsGenie.
    After connecting as an OpsGenie user, the sidebar will only show the alerts that the OpsGenie user can see and can execute actions only on those alerts.
    To enforce this behaviour you can set Require Matching User to true in the integrations page of your HipChat add-on integration listed in the integrations page.
    For more details about the Chat User Mapping process see the Chat User Mapping documentation page
  1. If the Require Matching User option in the HipChat integration is set to true instead, a HipChat user that does not have an associated OpsGenie account will have to connect to OpsGenie first to be able to see their alerts and execute commands. By clicking the connect button you will be redirected to OpsGenie where you can finish connecting your chat and OpsGenie accounts.
  1. After completing the user mapping process you can go back to your HipChat room and after refreshing the sidebar you will see your alert lists and your OpsGenie username as well in the footer of the sidebar
  1. All done! You can now click on the alerts and execute commands while being authenticated as your OpsGenie user.

Using /genie or /g Command

You can easily execute actions on OpsGenie alerts, just by entering a command with the tinyId of the alert into your HipChat room. Note that you can execute a single command on multiple alerts.

You can create an alert, too. Use the alert command to create an alert in OpsGenie, right from your HipChat room.

Acknowledge Alert :
/genie ack [tinyID tinyID2..]
/g ack [tinyID tinyID2..]

Close Alert :
/genie close [tinyID tinyID2..]
/g close [tinyID tinyID2..]

Add Note to Alert :
/genie note [note] to [tinyID tinyID2..]
/g note [note] to [tinyID tinyID2..]

Add Tag to Alert :
/genie addtag [tag1,tag2,..] to [tinyID tinyID2..]
/g addtag [tag1,tag2,..] to [tinyID tinyID2..]

/g addtag high priority,important to 1
/genie addtag high priority,important to 1 2 3

Acknowledge All Open Alerts :
/genie ackall
/g ackall

Close All Open Alerts :
/genie closeall
/g closeall

Assign Alert :
/genie assign [tinyID tinyID2..] to [user]
/g assign [tinyID tinyID2..] to [user]

Take Ownership of Alert :
/genie own [tinyID tinyID2..]
/g own [tinyID tinyID2..]

Execute Action :
/genie exec [action] on [tinyID tinyID2..]
/g exec [action] on [tinyID tinyID2..]

Create Alert :
/genie alert [alert message] for [user team]
/g alert [alert message] for [user team]

Get Alert :
/genie get [tinyID]
/g get [tinyID]

List Alerts :
Lists all open alerts.
/genie list
/g list

List Integrations :
/genie list integrations
/g list integrations

List Policies :
/genie list policies
/g list policies

Enable Integration/Policy :
/genie enable [name]
/g enable [name]

Disable Integration/Policy :
/genie disable [name]
/g disable [name]

Take On-call :
Takes on-call for the specified amount of time for the team or schedule. Default amount of time is 1h. If no schedule/team is specified, the user will take on-call for his team's schedule, or a single schedule he's participant in.
/genie oncall [me/user] [h/m/d] for [team/schedule/all]
/g oncall [me/user] [h/m/d] for [team/schedule/all]

Sample uses are:
/genie oncall me 2h for weekend_schedule
/genie oncall 1d for ops_team
/g oncall me 2h for all
/genie oncall me 45m
/g oncall me

Who is oncall :
Retrieves oncall user information from all schedules
/genie whoisoncall
/g whoisoncall

Mute :
Mutes notifications for the user. Mutes for 5 minutes if not given.
/genie mute [me/username] [minutes(optional)]
/g mute [me/username] [minutes(optional)]

Unmute :
Clears mute setting.
/genie unmute [me/username]
/g unmute [me/username]

Connect :
Connect your OpsGenie account to your chat account. If a connection exists, the currently connected OpsGenie user will be shown and you can choose to disconnect

For more details see the Chat User Mapping documentation page
/genie connect
/g connect

Help :
/genie help
/g help

Please note that the maximum rate OpsGenie can post messages to HipChat is subject to HipChat's API Rate Limiting.

HipChat Add-On Integration