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Help and Support

You can get help using the new Incident Response Orchestration features in a variety of ways!

Contact Our Customer Success Team

Our dedicated, responsive Customer Success team is available 24x7 to make sure that OpsGenie works for you. Our engineers and other team reps can help you with tips and tricks —  as well as with any problems you may have.

Contact us in any of the following ways:

  • Phone
    You can reach us by phone: +1 571-748-7000
  • Email
    You can send us email:
  • Web Support
    You can enter a message for us on our website:
  • Live Chat
    You can click the chat icon at the lower right of any page on our website or application interface to chat live with a customer success rep or engineer.

Watch One of Our Live or On-Demand Webinars

When we release new features, we set up webinars to show you how to use them in your organization. Check out our Live and On-Demand webinars at:

Visit Our Community and Playground

Visit our Community and Playground, where you can learn and share OpsGenie and incident response best practices -- and try out our Incident Response solutions in a pre-configured sandbox.

The OpsGenie Community is a forum where you can safely collaborate on problems and opportunities that you encounter in operating critical applications and services, being on-call, and optimizing your alerting and incident management solutions.

The OpsGenie Playground is a sandbox environment where you can try out incident and operations management solutions that include OpsGenie and a variety of integrations with leading monitoring, log management, ticketing, collaboration, and teaming tools. We recently enhanced the Playground!

The Playground now includes our new scenario generator and Dynatrace’s easyTravel demo application that lets you run problem patterns, such as increasing CPU load, slowing down the database, and more to simulate realistic incident scenarios and see how OpsGenie’s incident response tools work.

Help and Support