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Flock Integration

Flock is a communication app for teams. FlockOS enables developers to build apps, bots and integrations on top of Flock.
OpsGenie is an alert and notification management solution that is highly complementary to Flock.

What does OpsGenie offer Flock users?

Using Flock integration, you can forward OpsGenie alert activity to Flock. Users can find out about alerts getting created, acknowledged, assigned and closed without leaving Flock.

Functionality of the integration

  • When an alert is created, closed, acknowledged or assigned in OpsGenie, Flock regarding information will be seen in Flock.

Configuration in Flock

  1. In Flock, choose OpsGenie in "Integrations" page.
  2. Click Install.
  3. Click Add New Configuration.
  4. Configure settings and click Generate URL.
  5. Copy the URL for configuring OpsGenie side.

Configuring OpsGenie side of the integration

  1. Please create an OpsGenie account if you haven't done already.
  2. Go to OpsGenie Flock Integration page,
  3. Specify who should be notified for Flock alerts using the "Teams" and "Recipients" fields. Auto-complete suggestions will be provided as you type.
  4. Paste the URL that you obtained from Flock.
  5. Click on "Save Integration".

Flock Integration