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Central Notification Templates

Central Notification Templates provide ability to define shared notification settings that are managed from a single place and can be assigned to user roles. While sending an alert or schedule notification to a user, OpsGenie will obey the defined notification rules within the central notification template if there is an enabled one and is applied to the role of the user who is being notified. If there is not any enabled central notification template to apply for a user's role, his/her own notification rules will take effect instead.

You can define as many central notification templates as you want; however, multiple central notification templates can not be applied for the same user role. In other words, there can be at most one central notification template for a single user role. Users with roles that has an enabled central notification template can not edit or modify their notification rules that is enforced for them by the central template. However, they can still edit their own contacts.

For the notification rules of a central notification template, the same classification and principles with the User Notification Settings Setting take effect, excluding the following restrictions:

  • Schedule Start and Schedule End notification events can not be restricted to specific schedules.
  • You can not define mobile notification sounds that are based on notification rule steps of a central notification template.

Only Owner and Admin users can create and configure Central Notification Templates.

How to Create and Configure a Central Notification Template?

Central Notification Templates are available within the Settings->Central Notification Templates page. When you open the Central Notification Templates page, you will find the list of your current templates, or the following screen, if there is not any template for your organization yet.

When you click the Add Central Template or Click here links that are available within the example screen above, the following screen will show up which expects you to define a name and the list of user roles to apply the template for. Please remind you can edit these settings any time.

As soon as you click the Save button from the screen example above, the central notification template will be saved as disabled and you will automatically be re-directed to the details of the central template that you've just added. On this page, you will find the notification rules that are defined for the current central notification template. When you add a central notification template, OpsGenie will provide default notification rules for each notification type that you can continue using or edit any time.

As you can also notice, details page has the same look & feel experience with your Profile -> Notification page. The only difference is, you are expected to select a contact method and the contact order instead of the exact contact address while defining a notification rule step. While sending a notification, OpsGenie will match the appropriate contact whose definition is provided within the central notification rule step.

While sending a notification to a matched user according to a central notification template:
If the user do not have any enabled contact with the provided method, the notification will not be sent.

  • If the user has two contact addresses with the provided method and the contact order is First, first one of the two contacts will be used. Similarly, if the contact order within the rule step template is Second and the user has two contact addresses, second one of the two contacts will be used.
  • If the user has only one contact address with the provided method but the contact order is Second, the only existing contact will be used instead while sending notification instead of skipping.

After you complete configuring the notification rules of the central notification template, you can navigate back to the Settings->Central Notification Templates page and enable the setting as below:

Please note that the matching users will receive their notifications according to the rules that you configure within the central notification template as soon as you enable.

How Users Will See the Defined Central Template Rules?

If there is an enabled central notification template for a user, OpsGenie will match the rule templates with the existing enabled contacts of the user and display them accordingly. The user will not be able to edit/delete these rules and also will not be able to add a new rule or rule step anyway.

If the user does not have an enabled contact although the central notification template requires her/him to have one, OpsGenie will display a warning accordingly.

If a notification rule step can not be applied to the user because of a missing/disabled contact, the violated central rule step is also displayed to user.

Central Notification Templates