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Android Overview

OpsGenie Android App V2 is designed to manage alerts easily from your mobile phone. You can review your current status, review alerts and execute quick actions on them.


When you first open app you will see a email screen. You must provide a valid OpsGenie account. After tapping the next button you will be forwarded to password screen. If SSO is enabled for your account, your SSO provider's login page will be opened in your browser.

If this is the first time you are logging in to app you should see a message saying "Device registered to receive notifications".


When your phone is registered for some notification rules you will receive notification about your alerts.

Receiving notification will play your notification sound even if your phone is in silent mode. You can change that by navigating to Notification Rules -> Sounds page.

Execute Actions without opening the app: For Android 4.1(JellyBean) and above!

Swipe down the notification to see actions

Pressing Ack acknowledges the alert, Close closes the alert and Mute pauses receiving notifications from mobile app, email, voice and SMS.


Dashboard screen welcomes you when you open the app, showing your unacknowledged alert count, closed alert count and your current on-call status. You can navigate to Unacknowledged Alert List, Closed Alert List and On-Call Schedule by just a taping on their cards. Also you can swipe down to refresh dashboard.

You can acknowledge all of your alerts or close them within the dashboard. To do so tap one of the Ack All, Close All buttons.

In alert storm situations you can use Mute button, this will pause mobile, email, voice and SMS notifications for 5 minutes.

Alert List

On alert list page you can check your alerts and manage them easily.

You can navigate between alert list filters by clicking on the icon with three lines at top left.

You can perform acknowledge and close actions by just swiping alert from left to right until you see Ack or Close on left of alert.

Also you can see all actions on selected alert, by swiping alert more.

Execute Actions on Multiple Alerts

Long pressing an alert will activate multiple selection mode, then you can continue tapping other alerts. After selecting alerts select your action from top right, for more actions click on three gray dots.

You can find all actions you can execute on alert by tapping on three dots on top right of that alert.

Undo Actions

If you accidentally acknowledge or close alert you can undo your action in a couple of seconds after tapping on action.


You can refresh your alert list by just swiping it down.

Alert Details

You can have detailed information about your alerts from alert details page.

You can check alert recipients, notes, and logs by choosing one from tabs.

You can execute actions on alert by tapping to ACTIONS on top right.

Other Features

Right Menu allows accessing to Dashboard, Alert List, Who Is On Call, Notification Rules, Forwarding Rules, Schedules, Quiet Hours, Directory & Logout. Right Menu can be opened by swiping left from right of the screen or tapping on the icon with three lines at top right.

Push Notification Sound Settings

Receiving notification will play your notification sound even if your phone is in silent mode. You can change that by navigating to "Notification Rules -> Sounds" page and unchecking the "Always play OpsGenie notification sounds at maximum volume even if the phone is in silent mode" checkbox.

You can customize sound for each alert action. You can select an awakening sound for New Alerts and a different sound for Schedule Starts.

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Android Overview