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Android - Notifications

OpsGenie push notifications enables you to quickly review your alerts and respond to them with same speed. Helping you to take your actions as quickly as possible.

When you first open & login to app you will see a message saying "Device registered to receive notifications".

After device registered message if you navigate to Right Menu > Notification Rules you should see your device listed to receive "New Alert" notifications. Also you can scroll down to Contact Methods > Mobile App and see your device is also listed there. If you are not seeing your device on this section you will not be able to receive push notifications. You can close & open Opsgenie App again, for your device to register for OpsGenie notifications.

In order to receive other notifications Acknowledgement, Close Alert etc. , please modify your settings from OpsGenie Web > My Profile > Notification Rules.

When there is an alert you will be notified by your phone.

Tapping on notification will navigate you to details of that alert. You can execute actions by tapping on actions button.

Information below is for Android 4.1(JellyBean) and above!

Notifications can be expanded to execute actions without opening the app. To do that put your finger on the notifications and swipe down

Notifications For Android 4.1(JellyBean) And Above

You can execute actions for alert in notification by just tapping on actions shown.

Acknowledging alert is possible by tapping on Ack button. After that a message will appear saying that alert is acknowledged.

Closing alert is same with acknowledging it.

Pausing receiving alert notifications from mobile app, email, voice and SMS is possible by tapping mute button. After that a message will appear saying that alerts are muted for 5 minutes.

Android - Notifications