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Android - Notification Overwrite

OpsGenie will inform you about alerts with push notifications. Even if your phone is in silent mode, OpsGenie will overwrite it and your phone's notification sound level will be maximized for 60 seconds. This is default behaviour and can be changed.

Disable overwrite sound setting by navigating to Notification Rules -> Sounds tab and unclicking checkbox "Always play OpsGenie notification sounds at maximum volume even if the phone is in silent mode".

You can enable overwrite sound setting just by doing reverse.

Devices using Android Marshmallow and newer

In Android versions 6.0 and later, in order for this feature to correctly revert your sound settings after overwriting them, the OpsGenie app needs the "Do Not Disturb" access setting to be granted.

When you first install the application the Sound Overwrite options is set to true by default. After opening the app for the first time a dialog will appear and clicking on the Setting button will redirect you to the Settings page where you can grant access to the OpsGenie app.

In addition, after first updating the app, you will be prompted to grant OpsGenie "Do Not Disturb" access as well.

If you do not give the "Do not disturb" access to OpsGenie, the Volume Overwrite option will work correctly, but it may fail to revert the sound settings back to your original settings.

To grant the Do Not Disturb access manually, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Settings of your phone and go to Sound & Notification entry
  1. Scroll down and find the "Do not disturb access" option
  1. Set the toggle next to the OpsGenie app to true
  1. Now you can go back to your application and

Android - Notification Overwrite