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Android - Dashboard

OpsGenie Mobile App dashboard provides users a new way of managing alerts. Users can reach their Unacknowledged Alert Count, Open Alert Count and On-Call Schedule information by just logging in. Users are also able to execute Acknowledge All, Close All and Mute For 5 Minutes actions without any effort.

On top left 12 is your unacknowledged alert count. Tapping on this navigates you to Unacknowledged Alerts list.

On top left 20 is your open alert count. Tapping on this navigates you to Open Alerts list.

On middle your on-call status is shown. Also it shows your on-call schedule name which is network_team_first for the sample. Tapping on this navigates you to your On-Call Schedules page.

On bottom there is three buttons to execute quick actions. Ack All button acknowledges all of your unacknowledged alerts, Close All button closes your open alerts and mute button pauses receiving alert notifications for 5 minutes. Unmute button resumes receiving alert notifications.

You can acknowledge your all alerts by tapping Ack All button, then a dialog will popup asking you if you are sure of acknowledging all of your alerts.

After you tap on OK button there will be a message showing that your acknowledge all request sent to servers. Your alerts won't get acknowledged immediately but after a little while your alerts will be acknowledged.

Closing your all alerts is same with acknowledging them.

You can pause receiving alert notifications from mobile app, email, voice and SMS by just tapping on Mute button. Then you will see a message saying that alerts are muted for 5 minutes.

You can navigate to other pages by putting your finger on right hand side of screen and swiping to left hand side.

Android - Dashboard