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Android - Alert List

OpsGenie Alert list is designed to take quick look on alerts, navigate between them and respond to them as quickly as possible.

You can navigate between alert list filters by clicking on menu icon on top left.

Alert filters menu, opened by tapping on blue area.

Swipe Actions

You can perform acknowledge and close actions on an alert, just by swiping that alert!

You can perform acknowledge by puting your finger on left side of alert that you want to acknowledge and swipe your finger to right hand side and wait until "Ack" is shown on left of alert with orange background, then you can release your finger to acknowledge your alert.

Closing alert is same but you must swipe until you see "Close" on left, then release your finger.

You can also reach more actions than acknowledge and close by swiping alert. You just need to swipe a little more.

Perform Actions on Multiple Alerts

You can save some time by easily performing same action on multiple alerts.

First you need to long tap on first alert you want to perform action and then tap others to select them. Action you want to perform can be seen on the top right of screen if not tap on three gray dots. Be sure you are not tapping on orange ones. You can then select your action.

More Possibilities?

Yes there is. You can find all actions you can execute any action available on alert by just tapping on orange three dots

What If I Accidentally Acknowledged Or Closed Alert

If you are lucky you can undo your Acknowledge and Close actions before they are sent to OpsGenie servers. After executing these actions an undo message will popup to asking if you want to undo your change. You can simply tap on Undo button shown after executing these actions alert. Also you can get rid of this message by clicking outside of the message.

Android - Alert List